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The table to the right is based on the table maintained by CHORUS, and provides you with information regarding where you need to deposit your publications to be in compliance with your agency's plan. All publications are embargoed for 12 months.

Copyright Agreements

Upon publishing your article, you will complete a Copyright Transfer Agreement, which typically transfers many, if not all, of your article copyright to the publisher.

You can retain some of your rights, especially rights that allow you to deposit a version of the article in a repository.  

These resources may help:

Letter from USU VPR Letter:  you may include this letter with your manuscript to indicate the research is federally funded and the publication must be made open.

SPARC Author Addendum:  fill out and attach to any article submission to indicate which rights you wish to retain.

Agency Repositories with Instructions

Several agencies have listed the repositories for publications deposit. In some cases these sites include instructions for depositing manuscripts:

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