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Agency Repositories

The table to the right is based on the table maintained by CHORUS, and provides you with information regarding where you need to deposit your publications to be in compliance with your agency's plan. If your grant is with an agency that is a CHORUS partner, and you publish with a participating publisher, you simply reference your funding source when you submit your paper, and this triggers actions to make the appropriate version available. Read more at

If your agency is not a CHORUS partner, you will need to check with the agency or the repository listed for further information regarding deposit.

Copyright Agreements

USU authors must ensure that publication or copyright agreements with the publishers are consistent with the cognizant agency's public access plan to ensure the manuscript is available in digital form for public access no later than 12 months after publication. The letter below, signed by the Vice President for Research, should be sent with any publication or copyright agreement. This letter notifies the publisher that, if published, the article must be made publicly accessible as required by the agency's public access plan.

VPR Letter

Even if your research was not funded by federal funds, you can still preserve some of your rights. SPARC has an addendum you can fill out and attach to your publisher copyright transfer agreement that will explain to your publisher which rights you wish to retain. For more information, see Retaining Your Rights at the Copyright at USU site.

Agency Repositories with Instructions

Several agencies have listed the repositories for publications deposit. In some cases these sites include instructions for depositing manuscripts:

  • PubMed Central - Several agencies will be using PubMed Central and the NIH Manuscript System (NIHMS) to deposit manuscripts. NIHMS creates a PMCID, which you may need in order to demonstrate compliance with funders.
  • CDC Stacks - CDC provides information about CDC Stacks, including their use of the NIHMS System used by PubMed.
  • ERIC - ERIC hosts an online submission page, plus a FAQ for Grantee Requirements.
  • Public Access Gateway for Energy and Science (PAGES) - Guidance for authors is provide on the site for PAGES. The site will be using E-Link system for manuscript submission.
  • NSF Public Access Repository (NSF-PAR) - A simple handout on how to deposit NSF funded publications is provided.
  • PubSpace - Training video for grantees who want to submit publications to PubSpace.
  • Publications FAQ - NASA has published a FAQ for common questions regarding publications.

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Agency Plan Awards On/After Initial Embargo Repository/Portal CHORUS Partner?
Department of Defense (DOD) October 2015 12 Months DOD/DTIC Yes
Department of Education (ED) October 2012 12 months ERIC No
Department of Energy (DOE) October 2014 12 months PAGES Yes
Department of Transportation (DOT) December 2015 12 Months Nat'l Trans Library (NTL) No
DOC - National Institutes of Standard and Technologies (NIST/DOC) October 2015 12 Months NIST/PMC Yes
DOC - National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA/DOC) January 2016 12 Months NOAA Central Library No
National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) October 2015 12 Months NASA/PMC No
National Science Foundation (NSF) January 2016 12 Months NSF-PAR Yes
Smithsonian Institute (SI) October 2015 12 Months Smithsonian Research Online Yes
US Agency for International Development (USAID) TBD 12 Months DEC No
US Department of Agriculture (USDA) January 2016 12 Months PubAG No
US Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) December 2015 12 Months PMC No
US DHHS - Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ/DHHS) February 2015 12 Months PMC No
US DHHS - Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response (ASPR/DHHS) October 2014 12 Months PMC No
US DHHS - Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC/DHHS) July 2013 12 Months CDC Stacks No
US DHHS - Food and Drug Administration (FDA/DHHS) October 2015 12 Months PMC No
US DHHS - National Institutes of Health (NIH/DHHS) April 2008 12 Months PMC No
US Geological Survey October 2016 12 Months USGS Yes