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Agency Data Repositories

The table on the right provides links to agency Public Access Plans, information about timeline for depositing data, repository requirements, and, when available, links to specific agency information.

Data Release

This refers to the time at which data must be made public.  Most common is at time of article publication, but some agencies will state within 12 months from collection, or "within a reasonable time period."

You need to release the data you identified in your Data Management Plan and/or the data underlying the results of the article publication, if the journal specifies you do so. 

Data Repository

If an agency has provided guidance regarding the selection of a data repository, it is indicated in the table.  If your agency does not provide guidelines, you may want to:

USU has a repository, DigitalCommons@USU that can house your datasets.

Useful Links

This column provides additional information about the agency's requirements for writing data management plans or information in general about the grant funding process.

For questions about requirements pertaining to depositing your publications, see the Publications Page

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Agency Plan Awards On/After Data Release Data Repository Useful Links
Department of Defense (DOD) October 2015 Within a reasonable time frame Public Repository General Information
Department of Education (IES) October 2012 TBD None specified or endorsed General Information
Department of Energy (DOE) October 2014 With article publication Depends on the office within the DOE (more information here) General Information
Department of Transportation (DOT) December 2015 With article publication Publicly accessible repositories, "Conformant Repositories" General Information
DOC - National Institutes of Standard and Technologies (NIST/DOC) October 2015 12 Months from article publication EDI registry of datasets General Information
DOC - National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA/DOC) January 2016 12 Months from collection Multiple solutions (short term) + NOAA Data Centers (long term) General Information
National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) October 2015 With article publication NASA archives (see question 16 on FAQ) or other repository General Information
National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) January 2011   "NEH does not endorse the use of any specific repository or tool." General Information
National Science Foundation (NSF) January 2016 With article publication and remainder within a reasonable timeline An "appropriate repository" General Information
Smithsonian Institute (SI) October 2015 12 Months from collection  Smithsonian-managed and/or Smithsonian-approved repository General Information
Directive 609 and 610
US Agency for International Development (USAID) TBD Within 12 months of publication or patent is pending USAID repository: Development Data Library, or other appropriate repository General Information
US Department of Agriculture (USDA) January 2016 Within a reasonable time period USDA registry of datasets, other repository options General Information
US Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) December 2015 Not Specified  Partner with HHS, NIH, FDA, and DoD on "effective mechanisms" General Information
US DHHS - Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ/DHHS) February 2015 With article publication  Commercial Repository General Information
US DHHS - Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response (ASPR/DHHS) October 2014 Within 30 months of collection Publicly accessible repository General Information
US DHHS - Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC/DHHS) July 2013 With article publication and/or within 30 months of collection  National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) or CDC WONDER General Information
US DHHS - Food and Drug Administration (FDA/DHHS) October 2015 With article publication  Disciplinary data repositories, where available General Information
US DHHS - National Institutes of Health (NIH/DHHS) April 2008 With article publication  Multiple solutions including NIH-supported repositories General Information
NIH Sharing Policies
US Geological Survey October 2016 With article publication Approved USGS server (Oct. 2016) General Information